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100 Barclay Street

Financial District, Manhattan, NY

Completed 2017

495,000 sf Multifamily Conversion

Design Architect: DXA Studio/Ismael Leyva

Interior Designer: Champalimaud/GRADE

Built in the late 1920s, a portion of this Art Deco Verizon building was repurposed to condominiums, which required that half of the former commercial lobby be converted to residential use.


Originally illuminated with incandescent G40 lamps along the ceiling perimeters, this lighting could no longer satisfy the needs of a residential lobby which required more focal interest to draw people into the space to linger and enjoy.

Designated as a NYC landmark and National Register of Historic Places, the renovation required that no changes to the historical structure, such as penetrations to the plaster ceilings, limestone walls and floors be made. Design strategies were centered on adding freestanding objects with lighting components to illuminate the space. 


Tall bookshelves were applied to separate the lobby into smaller sections. Each bookshelf was then fitted with a glowing element that provides illumination to the lower portion of lobby. A 10-degree high CRI LED spotlight hidden atop each bookshelf highlights the historical ceiling frescoes.

The original G40 incandescent bulbs were replaced with LED equivalent, its soft warm light reflects off the golden recess projecting a luminous impression. The spotlights reveal the intricate details of the ceiling frescos for the first time since the building was erected.

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