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Dickinson College

High Street Residence Hall
Carlisle, PA

Completed 2018

40,500 sf New Construction

LEED Platinum Certification

Design Architect: Deborah Berke Partners

Photo: Chris Cooper

Located on a site that faces the main thoroughfare of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the residence hall presents a formal stone façade to the street as continuity to the historic campus, and a more modern façade with large windows and weathered-zinc panels to a lawn on the south side.

A pair of intimate outdoor courtyards enclosed by the E-shaped buildings receives abundant daylight during the day. After dark, cove lighting glows from the windows fingered building provides luminous backdrop to the lawn area, extending the causal gathering into the evening hours.

Within the building, staircases with vertically lighted corners and topped with a skylight encourage active movement through the building. Light filled hallways doubling as social spaces connects the lounge areas and study nooks illuminated with playful geometric shape of light. These generous social spaces promote community within the residence hall and also serve the entire campus.

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