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Recover Wellness Center

Completed 2018

2,000 sf Interior Renovation

Interior Designer: Method + Moxie

Converted from former storefronts, the studio for Adam Pendleton is a purpose-built painting studio, library, and office. The painting studio also functions as a 13 foot-high white box viewing room.

Through invitingly tall glass gallery doors, a series of discrete private chambers were carved out. Each space in the studio represents one stage of how Pendleton assembles his artwork. He does a lot of work in the library, collecting images that he then processes in his copy room—blowing them up and manipulating them over and over—before moving to his painting studio. In the shop, he layers drips, splatters, strokes, and word fragments into original large-scale arrangements. On the building’s brick façade, a band of raked black stucco was added that recalls the textural surfaces of Pendleton’s paintings.

Bright, shadow-free and color neutral lighting is critical in art making. A high CRI, tunable white light source is used throughout the studio to allow for customized light spectrum. The placement of light fixtures and their distances to wall were meticulously studied to ensure there is no harsh shadow for hung art work.

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