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Journey Restaurant

Completed 2023

7,000 sf Interior Renovation

Interior Designer: David Gallo Design

Projection Design: Illuminating Magic / Jason Mcferran

Photo: Peiheng Tsai

A restaurant, bar and lounge that introduces “theatrical gastronomy” to New York City with immersive video installations paired with fine dining and mixology.


Created through the collaboration of a team culled from the worlds of Broadway, fashion, multimedia and the culinary arts, Journey incorporates four unique experiences under one roof:

Journey 360, where the 360-degree projections transport the guest from the communal table to five exotic locations for each courses of the meal;

Journey Odyssey, where live and filmed performances bring the diners’ tabletops to life with a comic adventure led by an award-winning Broadway cast;

Journey Lounge, where mystery and curiosities await as you enjoy a mix of live and filmed entertainment;

Journey Epic Café, where augmented reality brings the dinner plates to life.

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